Fundraising For

Schools Charity  Sports Organizations

We specialize in donation fundraisers with our HOUR-A-THON and product sale fundraisers with our Compete Cards, Compete Rip Out Coupons, and Cookie Dough

Two ways to use Compete Fundraising

In Person

One of the Compete Fundraising team members will be in person to run the fundraiser.


Many fundraisers can now be done virtually. Compete Fundraising will set up a zoom meeting with the entire group to run the fundraiser.

How it Works

Compete Fundraising uses a proven system to help your school, charity, team, or organization.

One of our team members is with you every step of the way. This guarantees the success of the fundraiser.

Why it Works

Fundraising is becoming a frequent resource for many groups to raise funds. Our technology combined with the best products on the market will raise the necessary funds. Compete Fundraising is different, we empower groups with the proven tools and a system that simply works.

With over 15 years in the fundraising industry our team members are experienced in all different types of fundraisers and will select the best one that fits.

How Compete Fundraising Works

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Step 1

Contact one of our team members or our office to set up your fundraiser.

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Step 2

Compete Fundraising will determine which fundraiser to implement which includes Hour-A-Thon, Compete Cards, Compete Rip Outs, and Cookie Dough Fundraisers.

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Step 3

Compete Fundraising will be with your group every step of the way, from the kickoff until the money is in your bank account.

100% of the schools, teams, charities, or organizations that work with Compete Fundraising meet or exceed their goals!

Compete Fundraising is always RISK FREE 

There is no upfront cost. The amount charged at the end of the fundraiser is determined by the amount raised.

Compete Fundraising Vs. Other Companies

Fundraising System

Team Member Assist

ZERO up front cost

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Raise The Money Your Organization Needs Easily With Our Fundraising System
Accept Credit And Debit Cards Safely And Securely

No Upfront Costs and 100% Risk Free

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Other Fundraising Companies Have Your Group Do It All On Your Own

Other Fundraising Companies Don’t Have Technology 

Other Fundraising Companies Have Hidden Fees or Up Front Cost

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