Compete Cards

The Compete Card Fundraiser also known as the discount card fundraiser is a top selection for many programs. This is due to the ability for the cards to be sold anywhere in the community as the group will have them in hand to sell. The money raised from the sale helps the program and the discounts drive supporters into local establishments.

Our payment technology allows group members to accept credit and debit cards instantly on the spot contact free.

The Compete Card consists of 4-6 key tags, a banner, and the main card. 

These cards are sold for $25 and are valid for 1 year. The front of the card displays your group’s logo. 

The back contains the colorful logos and discounts of 16 to 24 local merchants. Merchants include local restaurants, retail stores, salons, automotive services, and many more. Discounts are acquired by Compete Fundraising. The group can suggest or assist with some of their current sponsors that would like to be included on the Compete Card.

The key tags break off easily and go on the supporters key ring and the main card fits right in their wallet.
To use the Compete Card the supporter will simply present the Card or the Key Tag at the participating
merchant to receive the discount.

Compete Cards are made of high quality plastic that will last for the many uses.