Compete Rip Out Coupons

The Compete Rip Out Coupons is another top selection for many programs. This is due to the ability for the Rip Outs to be sold anywhere in the community, as the group will have them in hand to sell. The money raised from the sale helps the program and the discounts drive supporters into local establishments.

Compete Rip Out Coupons provide 48 discounts to local merchants including restaurants, retail stores, salons, auto services, and many more.

Compete Fundraising acquires between twelve and sixteen local merchants for each Compete Rip Out. We ask the merchant to provide around a $5.00 or more discount to each rip out that is valid for 1 year. Discounts are acquired by Compete Fundraising. The group can suggest or assist with some of their current sponsors that would like to be included on the Compete Rip Out Coupons.
To use the Compete Rip Out Coupons the supporter will simply rip out the coupon and turn it into the participating merchant to receive the discount.

Compete Rip Out Coupons will be customized with a group logo as a way to promote your group when selling.