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Hour-A-Thon helps you raise the funds you need in just one hour!

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How it Works

One of our Fundraising Specialists will run our Hour-A-Thon program directly with the coach or leader of the group. We will be with you every step of the way to ensure success of the fundraiser.
Hour-A-Thon only uses a direct text from the participant followed up by a phone call which in turn becomes an immediate donation. Like the name indicates, this fundraiser ONLY LASTS ONE HOUR!

Why it Works

Crowdfunding is becoming a frequent resource for many groups to raise funds. The traditional crowdfunding model focuses on the constant bombardment of emails which often never get seen. Therefore, most campaigns never get funded.
Hour-A-Thon is different. Our fundraising platform helps you raise money quickly by using ONLY a direct text from the participant to potential donors’ cell phones. We then follow up with a simple phone call which turns into an immediate donation. As the name indicates, this fundraiser ONLY LASTS ONE HOUR!

Hour-A-Thon Vs. Other Donation Platforms


100% Of Text And Calls Get To Potential Supporters



Only 20% Of Emails Are Delivered. Entered Wrong, Marked As Spam,  And Are Not Even Opened.
Hour Event And Then 2 Business Days After Check Cut


3-4 Weeks Campaign Runs Then Wait 3 Weeks For A Check
Text Message With Link And Single Donation Screen


Video/pic, Landing Page, Log-ins, Profile Pic, Coach Message, Donation Total

How Much Will You Make With Hour-a-thon

40 Participants

800 potential donors

20% donate = 160 Donors

$8,000 Total Donated*

*Results will vary, the above is a typical scenario*

Proven Success With Hour-a-thon


Clackamas Football

(85 players)



Lakeridge Baseball

(45 players)



Westview Softball

(46 players)


Track and Field

Tualatin Track and Field

(80 athletes)



Battle Ground Basketball

(31 players)


Girls Soccer

Lakeridge Soccer

(34 players)


Boys Soccer

Beaverton Soccer

(38 players)



Oregon City Volleyball

(36 players)



David Douglas

(40 athletes)



Prairie Cheer

(28 athletes)



Sherwood Band

(42 members)


"It was so much fun and it was really easy, I think everybody should do it!"

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