How it works

Compete Fundraising uses a proven system to help your school, charity, team, or organization. One of our team members is with you every step of the way. This guarantees the success of the fundraiser.

The Hour-A-Thon fundraiser only lasts an hour and your group will have their funds a few days after the event.

Prior to the Hour-A-Thon event participants will gather 20 names and cell phone numbers of their top supporters. One of our team members will be with you every step of the way!

The Compete Cards and Compete Rip Out Coupon fundraisers will last 7-10 days and end with
our blitz. One of our team members will kickoff the fundraiser by explaining the product, the
program, and the incentives. During the kickoff the group will each receive their cards or rip outs
to begin their selling. On the last day of the fundraiser we will end it with what we call our Blitz.
This is a full group all out effort in the community to make as many sales as possible. After the
blitz is over the group has their money and the participants are rewarded their incentives.

The cookie dough fundraiser will last 10-14 days. One of our team members will kickoff the cookie dough fundraiser with the organization. This will include setting up the launch app and/or passing out order forms. We will explain how to sell the cookie dough and offer some great incentives for top sellers. At the end of the sale our team will be there to assist with the collection of orders and money. The frozen cookie dough will be delivered and sorted by Compete Fundraising on delivery day for the participants to deliver to their supporters!